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Learn what esteemed coaches are saying about the Rick Attig Swing Up Invert Device for Pole Vault Training.

Coach Rick AttigThe Swing Up Invert Device is Endorsed by Coach Rick Attig who is considered, by many, to be the premier pole vault coach in the United States . His career started at the high school level where his vaulters became the "Best Pole Vault Trio in High School History." Shortly after moving to the University of Kansas he had two groups of three vaulters that set the "Best Vault Trio in Collegiate History" mark. In the final two years of his five-year stint at the University of Nebraska , he had six NCAA All Americans and one NCAA Champion. While serving as the National Pole Vault Chairman his vaulters went on to compete well at the post collegiate level. They went on to win four U.S. National Championships, a Pan American Championship, a position on the Olympic Team, and one athlete that set an American Record with a vault of 19 feet and 7 inches. Rick's coaching career has now gone full circle as he has decided to get back into the grassroots of track and field and pole vaulting. He has recently accepted the position as the Head Boys' and Girls' Track & Field Coach at Blue Valley North High School in Overland Park , Kansas.



"The SI device has been a great tool helping with muscle memory and confidence with our daughter's vaulting. The simulation of the rock back movement has also helped develop her core strength as she continues to grow as a vaulter and no doubt has helped add to her PR."
Gary Rhodes, Texas

"The best results I have had so far has been with one of my freshman vaulters. We received our swingup machine after our conference meet had been held, so our time on the machine has been limited. However, in the past few weeks, he has greatly improved his swing from plant and is maintaining a straight trailing leg which has allowed him to move up through three pole ratings.  He is 5'8 and weighs in at 147. He is jumping on a 14' 170 rated pole.  He has improved his vault height by 1'6" in only 6 sessions on the machine.  He was ranked last in our sectional meet last weekend and ended in fourth place, which qualified him for state finals. His best vault last year was 10'7".  At this time, his best vault has been 13'0", which in itself is impressive for a Freshman.  Prior to working with the swingup machine his best was 11'6".  With some off-season strength training combined with a regular training regiment on the swingup machine, I forsee this athelete progressing onto a 14'6 to 15' pole by next season with a true vertical pull/turn move.  I truly believe that he will reach the 15' mark during his sophomore year.  This athelete has a natural ability for inversion, but without the proper swing, his performance would be limited to a shorter, softer pole because of bending and "hooking" his trailing leg.  I will forward his performance after the State Finals this coming weekend at Jefferson City.  BTW...He is the only Freshman to qualify for Sectionals, as well as State, this year.  Maybe he will put it all together this weekend with a strong, well timed pull/turn and reach the 14' mark!"
Christopher Huhn, Pole Vaulting Coach, Carl Junction R-1 School

"The swingupinverter for pole vault has been an important addition to my track and field program. I am limited to any indoor vaulting and have been able to teach effectively this portion of the vault. Benefits are obvious, easy to put assemble and store, does not take up much room, athletes developed an appreciation of the importance of core muscles, and finally learned the correct positioning from the swing to the muscles, and finally learned the correct positioning from the swing to the invert position. Athletes felt more secure in the inverted position which addressed the fear factor.  I am very satisfied with the product."
Coach Renee Zellner, Harper College

"I love the POLE VAULTING MACHINE!!!! It is great!!!  I can see improvement after one practice with the "MACHINE"!!!!  What I have been trying to teach for over 23 years has just become much easier."
Coach Kevin Matheny, Virginia

"The SI device has been well received by beginning pole vaulters, State Champions and National Champions here at Minnesota State. When athletes look at it they seem skeptical until they work out on it. I think the SI device shows how important the pre - stretch is in setting up a good swing along with proper muscle memory. The improvement from the team was worth the investment."

Coach Matt Kolb, Minnesota State University, Mankato

"I have been very pleased with your Swing-Invert machine. I have been able to introduce and teach the style of swinging with a strong pressure from both arms that I have not been able to accomplish without the machine. I have seen immediate results in our practice and I believe the improvements in our vaulters PR's is a direct result of their commited use of the device. I have seen an increase in both pole size and hand grip after about 2 weeks of working the drill."
Coach Rich Fox Pole Vault Coach of San Diego State University in San Diego, California.

"The SI Machine has been a great addition to our strength and technique circuits.  It offers unique and appropriate positions and pressure to help the beginner to the advanced athlete train the neuromuscular system for the demands of the pole vault.  We use the SI Machine daily
Coach Kris Grimes of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

"The new SI POLE VAULT DEVICE is AWESOME and our vaulters are responding to the inverted "Feel" of a continuous Swing Up with lower arm tension....just like on the pole. This promotes safety and technique at the same time. I highly endorse it." 
Coach Tim St. Lawrence, Warwick Valley High School & The Hudson Valley Flying Circus Pole Vault Club of Warwick , New York .

"We are thrilled with the machine!   It has given our vaulters the most realistic feel of what it takes to rockback of any apparatus we have tried.  We use it at our camps for everyone from beginners to advanced vaulters and they all enjoy the experience.  Our collegiate vaulters are on it regularly and have had tremendous improvement since it arrived on campus.    I would recommend it for vaulters of all ages and abilities."

Coach Don D. Hood of Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.

"Thanks for the great deal on the swing trainer last season. I have incorporated the Swing Up Invert Device into my clubs drill circuit and we use it every time we are focusing on the swing. I like the trainer because it helps the vaulters develop strength as well as proper swing technique. I also like that if you execute the drill incorrectly, it is nearly impossible to complete the swing...similar to when the athlete is actually vaulting. Thanks again!"
Edward Luthy, Vault Coach - DC Vault, Vault Coach - University of Maryland
Former Vault Coach - Eastern Michigan University
Former Vault Coach - Western Michigan University


"The Swing Up Invert has changed the way I coach the pole vault. It has given me the ability to really teach the progression of 
the pole vault in a way that beginning pole vaulters can really understand. It also minimizes the wear and tear of the runway on
my advanced pole vaulters. In year one we have broken a 30 year old High School record, and UW Whitewaters Women's Indoor
record. I look forward to what the future brings with our SI."

Matt Harris University of Wisconsin Whitewater Pole Vault
Brookfield East High School Pole Vault
"I have coached pole vaulters for 25 years at the high school level and have found the Swing Up Invert Device to be the most
effective training aid ever in getting the pole vaulter to execute the swing. In our first year using the device all 3 of my varsity pole
vaulters set lifetime bests! The young lady went 7" higher to reach 12'1" while the 2 young men improved 12" and 24"!  A huge
part of their improvement came from swinging to inversion. Thanks for the help!"
Dave Anderson Head Track & Field Coach Ruston, Louisiana
"The Swing-Up Invert is awesome! I wish I had it back in the day! It will help pole vaulters from middle school, high school, and 
collegiate swing up with correct technique."
Joe Dial Head Coach Oral Roberts University Track & Field


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