Rick Attig Swing Up Invert Device

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Swing Up Invert Head Only

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Swing Up Invert
Head Only Device
Swing Up Invert Free Stand

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The Head-Only model of the Swing-Up Invert Device is the exact machine and offers every benefit of the Free-Stand model. The only difference between the two models is the Head-Only does not come with a stand and will have to be mounted. The head of the device mounts to 3 inch x 3 inch square tubing. Many schools have sunk a post near their vaulting pits or elsewhere on school grounds. We encourage the posts that the Head-Only would be mounted on is no shorter than 12 foot long. We also recommend that at least 3 feet of post is sunk in the ground in cement. This will allow 9 feet above ground. The Head-Only is connected to a sleeve that will slip over the 3”x3” post and then will easily tightened to the post at your desired height. Depending on the age and ability of the athlete you may want the device lower to help in aiding the athlete into the correct positions. This will ensure that your athlete is correctly executing the pole vaulting phases.

Bungees (3) that are sent with the device free of charge are the unsophisticated way of simulating the resistance of the pole. On the Head-Only device, a weight plate is sent with the device. This is used by placing two 45 lb. plates over the weight plate and then connecting the bungees to the plate on one end and the handle on the other. 1 bungee is all many high school girls need, 2 are needed for high school boys vaulting on slightly bigger poles. 3 bungees would be used when athletes are pushing a bigger pole, usually 15’ 175lbs- 16’ poles.

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