Rick Attig Swing Up Invert Device

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Swing Up Invert Free Stand

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Swing Up Invert
Free Stand
Swing Up Invert Free Stand

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The Free-Stand model of the Swing-Up Invert Device is exactly what the name conveys; it is the device that comes with its own stand. This model allows coaches to use the Swing-Up Invert Device any where they choose to. The mobility of the Free-Stand makes it popular with coaches around the country. Although this training device is built extremely heavy, the Free-Stand breaks down into two pieces that make it possible for two adults to tear down and set up with ease. Unscrewing bolts located at the bottom of the vertical tubing and the toes of the device makes it mobile easily moved from indoor (gym, weight room) to outdoor settings. Another great advantage of the device is the ability to lower the head of the device. The head of the Swing-Up Invert Device is connected to a sleeve that will slip over the 3”x3” vertical post on the stand and can be easily lowered to your desired height. Depending on the age and ability of the athlete you may want the device lower to help in aiding the athlete into the correct positions. This will ensure that your athlete is correctly executing the pole vaulting phases.

Bungees (3) that are sent with the device free of charge are the unsophisticated way of simulating the resistance of the pole. Bungees are connected to the handle and then in the opposite corner of the device with clips attached at each end of the bungee. 1 bungee is all many high school girls need, 2 are needed for high school boys vaulting on slightly bigger poles. 3 bungees would be used when athletes are pushing a bigger pole, usually 15’ 175lbs- 16’ poles.

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